ChessMaster XI Grandmaster Edition

Learn chess with the Grandmaster Edition

The game provides detailed instructions on how to play the game from the international chess master Josh Waitzkin. In addition, users can learn strategies from the master’s renowned book the Art of Living. The attacking chess course commentary is given by grandmaster Larry Christiansen. The edition provided nine hundred of the most important games in this sport that is presented and analyzed for the users. The database includes over six hundred game options. The coverage for the classic and modern opening variations is available in this edition.

Single player option

The single player version provides users the choice to play any one of the several predefined opponent games, which are analyzed for their benefits. Players can become ranked players by testing their skills against numerous opponents while establishing their ratings. The single player version provides fifty predefined tournaments while providing the flexibility to create their own tournament. Moreover, players can set up a position to solve the problems or reproduce some of the most famous positions.

The Grandmaster multiple players options

This version enables users to play a game of chess with a friend using the Internet or a LAN connection. Players can choose from rated or unrated games, tournaments, ladders, simultaneous exhibitions, view other games, and set up matches or take lesions in chess using the LAN connectivity or the Internet. The multiple player editions provide twelve new variants of the game, which includes Limited Shuffle, Shuffle, Giveaway, Marseilles, Progressive, and Pocket Knight.

Chessmaster advantages

This edition of the game expands the scope of the game by including broader game principles to learn the sport. The Grand master provides his wisdom and learning to be successfully on and off the chessboard. The beginners can learn from some of the most famous games played by the world’s best-known players. All these make the game as exciting as never before.


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