Sultan Wooden Chess Set

Features of the wooden chess set

The Sultan unique wooden chess set is made with superior quality wood and is appropriate as a collector’s item. The set is suitable for those individuals who appreciate a more baroque appearance and feel for the various chess pieces. The look of the wooden chess set has the style of the medieval chess sets. The King is a towering four inches tall. In addition, the entire board and the pieces are decorated with the hand using a specialized carving and burning methodology. The pieces are protected within a padded carrying case available with an ornate clasp that doubles as the chessboard. Moreover, the chess pieces have contrasting caps and crowns with elegantly protected arabesques bottoms.

The pieces and the board

The chess pieces are an elegant Sultan style that reminds players of the medieval chess sets. The contrasting caps and crowns are delicately carved by a hand and burning technique. The chess pieces are made with a felted base to ensure that there is no damage to the wooden chess board. The board is a square with a size of 2.125” dimensions and the carrying case when folded admeasuring 16.5”X8.25”X2.5”. The foldable chessboard makes the chess set easily portable so that users can carry the set to any location without any inconvenience.

The carrying case

The chessboard doubles as a carrying case for this elegant wooden chess set. The padded carrying case ensures complete protection to the specially carved chess pieces. In addition, the carrying case comes with an ornate clasp to ensure that the case does not fall open while being carried around. The excellent wooden chess set is a collector’s item and will be appreciated by individuals who like to have a decorative appearance for their chess set.

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