Tactic Trainer Apps For Chess on an iPad


In todays world of gadgets, the ipad has conquered an important section of the media and entertainment in commercial and corporate fields. Paper documentations of meetings, auditions and location’s photos have become old- fashioned by the emergence of Ipads and similar equipment. Its role has been well accepted in all fields except the world of chess where the ipad hasn’t yet gained popularity, which may be considered surprising at first glimpse in comparison to the priority still given to the computer in terms of modern sophisticated games.

There are several applications developed for chess on an iPad, amongst which shredder has gained maximum popularity, not withstanding the fact that the iPads still have no match to its equivalent laptop regarding the advancement of apps. The web based database can be obtained from chessbase. Chessbase has the highest standard version of chess software, but its version of apps for iPads is futile.

Chessbase.com also has a platform for users to log in and seek for the available games. The mostly used app is the Tactic Trainer. It gives out some moderately basic positions with a few move amalgamations, but doesn’t perform well. Its basic advantage is that it offers a good ELO rating.

However the current revelation of the position on Tactic Trainer is quite surprising as it has increased it’s database six times. It appears on move 19 of a list in the Italian game. The highest ranked players were Mirkoyic(2355)-Scekic(2265). Kladovo 1994. The white plays 19 Be2. A check on h5 will not face any defence against it with mate or substantial loss, Mirkovic-Scekic pursued: 19…RH8 20 BH5+KF821Rf6+ black gave the resignation.